About Meditrak

Rob Wilson(Contact)
Practice Management Consultant

Rob Wilson has over 20 years of experience in healthcare management and consulting. The former Chief Executive Officer of a 20+ physician multispecialty group, Mr. Wilson also served as the Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest physician-owned multispecialty groups in North Carolina. He has successfully negotiated over 100 managed care contracts and has facilitated mergers and network development for large and small medical groups. His experience includes supervising the financial and billing operations of a 75 physician multispecialty group generating over $50 million in annual revenue; managing a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center and serving as a corporate compliance officer. Mr. Wilson is the founder of Meditrak, which has served as an independent practice management and consulting firm since January, 2000. Mr. Wilson holds a Masters in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Jay Davis(Contact)
Practice Management Consultant

For more than 20 years, Jay Davis has assisted companies across diverse industries evaluate and contain costs, as well as increase operational efficiencies. Before focusing on the healthcare industry, Mr. Davis served as the Chief Financial Officer of a large manufacturing company. His multi-industry perspective helps many medical practices recognize increased profitability by increasing revenues and minimizing costs. He has served as a practice management consultant working with multispecialty physician groups since 2002. Mr. Davis holds a Masters in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Alicea Overcash(Contact)
Practice Start-Up Facilitator

Alicea Overcash has over 25 years of healthcare administration experience including insurance filing/follow-up, bookkeeping and credentialing. Ms. Overcash joined Meditrak in 2001 and has successfully coordinated the start-up of over 30 new medical practices.